Stationery Requests

Jefferson has transitioned to an automated stationery process, which increases efficiency in creating and printing business cards, letterhead, envelopes, appointment cards, prescription pads and notepads.

Click on the link below to order stationery; you will be directed to a user-friendly, online tool that will step you through the process of creating stationery and approving orders.

Click here to order stationery.

Please note that you will have to set up an account the first time you visit the site. (Click “Register as a new user”; use your Jefferson e-mail address as your user name, and please create a unique password. Note: this is not tied to your campus key.)



If you have any questions about the ordering process or training sessions, please contact Information Systems at 215-503-7500.

If you have any questions about logo usage or branding guidelines, please contact JeffGraphics at 215-503-7450.